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hoe kom je van die kut uitnodigingen af van die spelletjes die je vrienden spelen op facebook?

How to stop game requests on facebook
Stop game requests on facebook, the most annoying part.
Don’t get me wrong, I like facebook and my friends list, but sometimes those game requests are very annoying.
I really had to stop game requests on facebook account that i have.
Not only make the list uglier but it disturbs my insight on more important things in my facebook account.
Though i have thought that the new facebook profile sucks, i guess i am slowly getting used to it.
Most of all, Facebook is free to use, so we can’t complain and expect it to be perfect for us.
Stop game requests on facebook, the notification.
If you are a Facebook game fan, you may like this notification feature.
But for people who don’t even play Facebook games like myself, it is pretty irrittating.
It is pretty irritating because even we do not play games, and we are notified everytime our friends do their games stuff.
You also probably notice the blue globe on the left, it will have red number to show how many notifications you have.
That’s also annoying, but until now, i can’t turn that off.
Oh well at least we can stop game requests on facebook manually.
Stop game requests on facebook steps using new facebook profile 2010:
How to stop game requests on facebook process is not as tricky as seeing your videos on new facebook.

1. Sign in to your facebook account.
2. On the top right, on “Account” drop down menu, select “privacy settings”.
stop game requests on facebook
3. In your privacy settings page, you will see “apps you use” (see image below). You will also see “turn off all platforms apps” red font. Click this link.
stop game requests on facebook
4. After that, you will see lists of apps you are using, you can either select all of them by ticking “select all” or select them one by one.
5. One you are done, Click “Turn Off Platform” button.

Basically we are now done with the mission of how to stop game requests on facebook.